4 Ways To Take Care of Your Spirit, Body And Mind

Taking care of yourself should be a priority, as the saying goes “If your not taking care of yourself you can’t you take care of anyone else”. Finding ways to balance your spirit ,body and mind is easy, however implementing can be a challenge when you have so much going on.  For me personally  depending on how I feel or  where I”m at, I use these 4 things to give me balance and harmony.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed , depleted and stress maybe one of these techniques will help you achieve a peace of mind and balance.

  • Quiet Time~I  use this when I am at work. Sometimes I go into the restroom or sit at my desk and close my eyes for five minutes focusing on my breathing. It helps me refocus and relax.

  • Find A Healthy Hobby~ I love to read a good book, or go to a art show or museum. (What are your hobbies?)

  • Setting up an alter a physical space~  This is important your own personal space inside your home where you can meditate,  a place where you can surround yourself with things that are important to you and things you would like to manifest. A place where you feel empowered.

  • Take a walk~ I usually take a walk around the park or go for a bike ride. you can go by yourself or with someone, the goal is to get in touch with nature, and remind yourself to be grateful for all you have.


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