About My Beautiful Brown Self (MBBS)

Launched in 2017 MBBS was created by the need to inspire Black women to Inspire,Embrace and of course the three L’s, Live, Love ,Learn.  A platform who will support and encourage you to set goals, overcome obstacles and chase your dreams.

Our Goals:

Clarity: Providing relatable information for personal growth and positive commentary.

Purpose: To share and grow together through relatable experiences, with the hopes of leading you into your purpose.

Love: Sharing , Wisdom , Breakthroughs, Triumphs and Fears, with Compassion and Understanding.

Tara Staples, Founder & Editor

Tara  Staples is a Detroit based Blogger with an BA in English from Marygrove College, She is an aspiring screenplay writer who enjoys films, food, music, and travel.