Beautiful Note: New Decade New Me

Welcome to the beginning of a New Decade! New decade, new me, cliche as it sounds thats where I am at with it.  As I reflect on the last ten years of my life I have concluded that this tug of war with myself cause me to created a medicore life. What I largely discovered about myself is I have commitment problems.  I couldnt commit in business or a personal level. Distractions ran a muck in my life.  I doubted my talents and didnt trust myself.  I picked up what I consider a tremdous amount of weight  and realized I was a stress eater.  I was angry and carrying load of garbage I should have let go many times over.

2019 has been a pivotal year for me.  It’s been a spirtual journey, all the professional and personal failures resulted in me  facing myself.  Taking a look in the mirror a deep look in the mirror and sometimes my mirror was friends and family.  I realized I had made comfortable choices.   I let all the voices that fed my fear hold me back, insead of creating choices to help me improve my life I was choosing people and work that kept me stuck in a never ending box of turmoil.  Accepting these things and doing the inner work or should I say going deep within has allowed me to accept myself and release all the weight that has been wearing me down in area of my life.

I have been making the neccssary changes, 2019  has given me the fearlessness I need to step into my power, instead of creating from a place of fear I will move with confidence and belief in my abilities. I am going to shine  100%.  2020, I am going to love, live and laugh and work on being the best human I can be.

Love, MBBS


Keela Jackson

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