Change Your Mind

I know from experience fighting against change burdens you with fear, anger, depression and frustration. I would fight against change and I was always in a state of chaos, complaining any chance I got, until I got fed up up with my complaints. Why me?Can this get any worse? These were some of the thoughts going on in my head at any given time of the day. How did I expect to live in my purpose with that attitude? I wasn’t! I made the choice renew my mind not once, but everyday with positivity, prayer and action.
I know you heard the quote “Watch your thoughts ; they become your words; Watch your words they become your actions; Watch your habits they become your character; watch your character it becomes your destiny” It’s not impossible to have a happy life across the board, however it takes daily action on your part. Begin with making a conscious effort to renew your mind reject the negative voices. Speak your vision into existence!


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