Five Ways To Have The Life You Want

Maybe you’re having a challenging year, week ,month or day, maybe you struggle to stay positive. You pray, do affirmations, meditation, to change your mindset, at least that’s what the self-help book instructed you to do. Yet, no change, you still feel as if the life you want, can’t, and won’t happen for you. You start to feel frustrated, anxious and doubtful, and your next thought is I GIVE UP!

Let me share with you from experience why things are not changing for you.  You can’t be who you were and who you are now, at the same time. You have to truly let go of your old way of thinking and acting. You have to truly embrace the new positive glass half full mentality.

In order for manifestation to work, you have to believe in your core what you’re praying and meditating for is already happening, for manifestation to work you  not only have to believe and visualize, it’s important to also feel it. Your emotional desire toward the emotional experience,  allows the Universe to assist you in creating your DREAM.

Here is 5 things to know to create and manifest the life you want from “You Become What You Think About” by Vic Johnson

1.”Without the cooperation of your subconscious — the deep recesses of your inner self — change can be difficult to impossible. You might consciously have tried to lose weight. But if your subconscious mind was fixated on fattening food and how difficult exercise was, the experience was probably a challenge or a dismal failure. Therefore, changing one or more aspects of your life can’t occur until you affect change on your subconscious.”

2. “Look at the circumstances around you as malleable clay. You may not like how life has taken shape, but that doesn’t mean it won’t change if you mold it into the “sculpture” you’ve envisioned it to be.”

3.”Do not give other people control of your life. “they might pick some causes that won’t lead you to your goals and dreams. If you hold the subconscious attitude that your self-worth is measured by others, you give people the power to harshly judge you. As a consequence you become stifled, worried, and anxious about how they view you. Your actions stem from these badly twisted thoughts, and the results aren’t very pretty.”

4. “Many people give up too easily because they don’t understand that subconscious thought changes as a result of sustained thought and action. For instance, a salesman starting a new job wouldn’t quit after failing one sales pitch. To that end, why would anyone trying something new quit after only one or a few unsuccessful attempts?”

5. Focusing on the lack of success in your life rather than the abundance of success gives more power to the emptiness of your “glass.” But focusing on an abundance of success fills the “glass” to overflowing!

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