New Movie “Been So Long”

I am always on search for a good romantic drama/ comedy, with black actors, unfortunately when searching “Netflix” list of movies there are very few. The stories I do find the script is usually not that good or the quality of the film is medicore, but you watch anyway because the characters look like you or something the character is experiencing you can relate to or someone you know went through something similar.

Over the weekend flicking through Netflix Originals I came across “Been So Long”a British musical film. Originally when I added it to my list I didnt look at the trailer or read the synopsis I saw the movie poster and it was under romance,

so I decided to give it a shot.Unbeknownst to me characters begin to sing and dance, I’m not a big fan of musical dramas, so I begin to look for my remote. In the process of looking for the remote I noticed the male lead character is getting out of jail. This peak my interests. I thought you have a single mom and a guy trying to regain his place in society with so much against the both of them this could lead to good drama and music. Long story short I stop looking for the remote.

The script and visuals were deceit, the leading actors made it work. The story is recognizable it commanded you to watch. If you like romantic drama with singing or you just like a love story with a happy ending. I think you will enjoy “Been So Long”. Tell us what you think.

Tara Staples

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