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In the last post in the Self-Love Series we explored how building mental strength helps us cope with daily life challenges. Today we explore the importance of taking care of your temple. Your body is a sacred temple; a direct gift from GOD . He expects us to do the best we can with them. Here are a few of my daily practices to keep me mental and physically strong.

I like simple stretches and breathing techniques to help me begin my day, but first I begin with being thankful I opened my eyes. After my morning prayer, I spend 20 minutes meditating on nothing specifically; I like to focus on my breathing and clearing my mind. I know some prefer yoga or cardio, whatever helps you and physically motivates you to go out and attack your goals. Then I enjoy my strawberries and drink my orange juice or black coffee. Equally important, is taking care of my skin. Eating right and good skin products can assist with that. Eating fruits and vegetables and drinking 8 glasses of water a day; can add years to your life.

To maintain healthy skin. I use Olay Luminious Cream Cleanser and I add Olay Total Effects 7 In One anti-aging moisturizer.Twice a week I use Shea Moisture Lavender&Wild Orchid Hand& Body Scrub to exfoliated my body and I follow up with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter it moisturizes my skin and gives me a beautiful glow. I find looking great on the outside resonates how you truly feel in your heart.LIVE!LOVE! LEARN!


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