The Importance of a Sister Circle


There was something that became quite clear during our quarterly movie club meetings, being around a group of self-loving woman is nourishment to the spirit. It wasn’t until I began to go to our quarterly “Movie Group” that I realize how important it is for women to bond and share with no judgement, no jealousy, just open and honest conversation. Most importantly it could be done. Women could actually get together and be sincere and true.

After our movie dicussion, we would began to share some joys, pains, ideas and advice.  I began to look forward to these meetings. Many of the woman that attend have great energy and a good heart. There is no ill will and I always leave feeling happy and inspired.

Too many times we miss the importance of sister love from another mother , because of personal hangups , that we project onto each other, instead of nuturing and supporting. I learned I was missing meaniful healthy relationships with women outside of my sister. I also learned that having these relationshiops is essential to my growth as a woman.

To all the beautiful women out there who support and empower one another on daily basis. We are much more powerful when we come together and lift each other up. I feel blessed and apperciative to be surrounded by a community of fearless, strong women.

Live, Learn, Laugh, Love



Keela Jackson

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