The Morning Shift: 3 Tips for a Great Start to Your Day

Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t always wake up ready and pumped to begin our day. Most of us begin our day with a sigh and a shrug.  Why? Ten times out of ten we are getting up to prepare for a job we dislike.  In this world we have to pay our way, so most of us take jobs that don’t  align with our purpose. Most time it’s because we have not discovered our true self.  Which moves us further away from our purpose. These things in totality can lead us to feel stress, anxious, and frustrated.  In addition, not living the life you desire causes us to become unfocused and uninspired.   “We have to do what we gotta do so, we can do what we wanna do”. Lets discuss ways to stay inspired and focused.

I believe in preparation, not that things go as you would like them to go but, it always adds to my confidence to choose the goal I want to put in motion. Nothings to big even, if you have to start with small goals to get the life you want. .  The key is staying the course that means staying patient and moving forward. What are some of the things we can do to start our day off with a positive vibe even when we are not feeling our best? What can we do to renew our spirit each day we are blessed to be a blessing?  Here are three things for sure to make you feel like conquering the world.

1. Always always begin your day with some type of  thanks, I know its ‘cliche’ “a lot of people didn’t wake up”(facts).  It is a blessing to be able to start aknew.  Look at everyday as a new beginning.  Look at life with optimism, the day you rise again is the day you can change what doesn’t make you happy.


2. A good exercise routine to get your blood circulating and your heart pumping. I’m not one for rigorous morning exercise , however I prefer to meditate for 5 minutes and follow up with 5 minutes of stretching.  Ten minutes in whole to get my me energize and ready to go out in the world.

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3. Last but not least, eat a healthy breakfast to give you a boost, nothing heavy. Try some berries,pineapples, toast. You can always blend your fruits and create a good smoothie.

Now go Shine its your birth right!


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